I'm delighted to introduce you to English USA Language School.  Over the last five years we have had more than 800 students from over 25 countries that have studies English as a Second Language with us.

 We have many students that are in the U.S. on tourist / business visas (B1/B2), Green Card students and naturalized citizens.  Most of these students want to improve their English so they can get better jobs, improve their businesses, and acclimate to life in English-Speaking U.S.A.


Regardless of what type of student they are, we help students learn in the ways that are right for them, nurturing a joy for learning and a passion to pursue their interests.


The key is our talented and caring teachers.  Fun, variety and focus make their classes enjoyable and something the students look forward to.  We have an advanced Academic   English curriculum using industry leading hands-on materials and online interactive content.


It is very fulfilling to meet a new student that has just arrived from overseas that does not speak English well and is lacking English confidence, only to see them making lots of new friends, having a social life, while improving their English to the point that they are accepted    to major colleges and universities.


I invite you to learn more about our school on the following pages. Join us full-time, or even as  a part-time student.   The rewards will be well worth it



English USA