Ge, Indonesia, the school schedule is very comfortable for me to live in the United States. The teachers and classmates are awesome.  English USA is the best school to learn English language in Las Vegas. .
Gunes, Turkey,  I wanted to increase my career opportunities after finishing at the University.  I found EUSALS staff and instructors to the ideal place.  It has been literally a dream come true for me. 
Inna, Kazakhstan, I really recommend this school to everybody who wants to learn English.  I have been studying here for 14 months and I am so grateful to my teacher.. .
Peng, China, I love my school.  The teachers are very kind.  The students are polite.  Our school life is great.  We have a lot of activities.  We have fun in this school and I am  improving my English so fast.  Come joint us! . 
Naoe, Japan, I met a lot of people from other countries and could get friends in this school. We do some events and go on field trips and all of these things are new to me. Teachers are very kind and friendly.
Oscar, Columbia, I was born in the U.S. but raised in Columbia and needed to study English.  It is a pretty good school.  I am improving my English because my teachers and classmates are really nice..
Deok, South Korea, English USA has been a truly amazing experience. Qualified and attentive teachers, exciting activities and students from many countries...it's so wanderful to make friends from around the world.    .
Muhammad, Pakistan, Excellent place to study English and meet great people from different cultures and countries. Teachers pay individual attention to each student.  Very affordable..
Raphaele, Brazil, Being a student of English USA is a good experience for learning English and making friends from around the world. .
Sandro, Germany, I enjoy coming to English USA because I have friends from all around the world in my class.  We are like a big family and help each other.  with English and learning more about American culture..
Natalia, Russia, Our classes are very interesting, not boring.  We can talk freely about our personal ideas, our country.  Moreover we go to the museums.  The program helps to thrive in English. .